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Rafiki’s Corner – A Sneak Preview of Exact Event Manager 1.8

Written by Sander van Triet on . Posted in Exact Event Manager

Greetings everyone! Fall (Autumn) is upon us, with blue skies, orange leaves around us and shades of exposed glorious travertine create a wonderful casserole of colour and promise. There is no better time than now to lift the covers off the newest addition to the Exact Event Manager family, that of Exact Event Manager 1.8. This release is full of the colours and promises of my favourite time of the year. Whilst Exact Event Manager 1.8 is not yet into Controlled Release (more to come in a later blog), I thought it prudent to provide you some insight into the short term future of Exact Event Manager. Here are some interesting highlights of what you can expect to see, very soon!

Simple Grouping

Tables in emails with grouped data

Support for Stored Procedures as sources and actions

Creation of Projects, Accounts and Resources in Synergy Enterprise, as actions

Software Developers Kit or API

I could write a thesis at this point on all of these new features, but time and space does not allow for that right now. Today, I will focus on providing some insight into inserting Tables in email bodies with Grouped data. I think this way, I will maintain your attention, and get you coming back for a little more next time….

Simple Grouping and Tables in emails (Grouped data)

This collection of features has been requested for a while, but now you have it..!!! The essence of the feature is that you will be able to define within the Alert, what data you want to group, then create an action that will take that grouped data and disseminate the details in the appropriate manner, with all common data going to the identified (grouped) common recipient. By that I mean, you will be able to create an event that looks for all orders over $5,000 within the month, and then aggregate them together by customer (the grouping), and then send the customer an (only 1) email with all the data nicely tabelled within the body of the email. No more “one action for one row of data”.

Step 1 – Work out what it is you want to do?!

Step 2 – Create the Visual Workflow

Step 3 – Create the query on the action to include all the necessary data with grouping on columns where needed

Step 4 – Create the email action, setting the Body to Custom, and entering the new Rich text Editor

Step 5 – Insert a table with enough columns and 2 (two) rows, with headings in first row and desired data in second row.

Step 6 – Indicate if you want summation on any columns

Step 7 – Insert a beautiful picture of snow angels if you wish

Step 8 – Save it!

Step 9 – Hit “Queue Now” to run it immediately without having to define a schedule (because you can now!!)

Step 10 – prepare for the next release of Exact Event Manager.

So, there you have it! A slew of new features, that are exceptionally powerful, rounding out this latest offering from Exact. have fun and until the next time….

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  • Robert Klein


    The grouping with tables and $amounts will be useful, especially for those that do not want to use a 3rd party report writer to do that!


  • Kenneth Sewell


    I am really excited to see the stored procedures as this opens up a new level of possibilities!


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