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Rafiki’s Corner – Exact Event Manager 1.7 Moves into Regional Verification Testing

Written by Sander van Triet on . Posted in Exact Event Manager

A well deserved long weekend is upon us here in North America. Labour Day is celebrated on Monday, signifying the movement in the Northern Hemisphere out of what has been a wonderful, hot and dry Summer. It is appropriate then, that the next iteration of Exact Event Manager moves into what is formally known is Regional Verification Testing, on Tuesday, September 6th. This vital phase in the completion of Exact Event Manager 1.7 is being held in Columbus, OH, where colleagues from various departments, and regions converge on the development offices in Columbus.

For the week of September 6th, folks from Pre-sales, support and consulting, will sit in one boardroom together, putting the latest release through it paces, learning the details of new features and validating the quality of the release. This testing is done in Columbus for a very specific reason…proximity and access to the developers of the solution.

Exact Event Manager 1.7 is not necessarily a major release, in terms of incremental feature sets. However, that importance of this release should not be underestimated. This release was designed and delivered to interoperate with Exact Globe Next, in a tight and contiguous fashion. The new “command center” of Exact Globe Next, if you will, allows the administrator of Exact Event Manager, to launch directly into Exact Event Manager from within Exact Globe Next, and then straight into the new Alert Summary Tab, as previously discussed.

Tight Interoperability


Exact Event Manager 1.7 is also silently installed during the installation of Exact Globe Next, providing users of Exact Corporate solutions the opportunity to take a peek at Exact Event Manager. One will come to the quick realization that the inherent value proposition of Exact Event Manager, for any business, is pervasive and invaluable.

Aside from tight interoperability with Exact Globe Next, Exact Event Manager 1.7 also has new features such as Queue Now options, an Alert Summary Tab with Parameter changes allowed, new enhanced features within the Rich Text Editor and a host of smaller User Experience improvements. It is important to note that this release of Exact Event Manager 1.7 will operate as an independant solution outside of Exact Globe Next, allowing operation with Exact Macola ES, Progression, JobBOSS, MAX, Synergy and Synergy Enterprise.

As next week progresses, more information on what is new will be exposed. Have a great weekend!

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