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Rafiki’s Corner – I Present to You a New “Son”!

Written by Sander van Triet on . Posted in Exact Event Manager

Greetings to you all once again! I trust that everyone had a warm, and enriching summer?

Over the past two months, with people basking in the sun, diving in the Indian Ocean and soaring the never ending blue skies, the Exact Event Manager development team has been hard at work, developing features and improvements for not one, not two, but three releases of Exact Event Manager!!! Exact Event Manager 1.6 is now out in the market, Exact Event Manager 1.7 with Exact Globe Next is about to hit the streets and Exact Event Manager 1.8 is under development and soon to reach the eager hands of QA. Oh, and yes, we have also been working in the background on the basis for the release post Exact Event Manager 1.8.

So, what will I present here? Well, I present to you, some nifty new features that are to be found in Exact Event Manager 1.7, specifically features geared towards the deployment of Exact Event Manager with Exact Globe Next, due out into Controlled Release (CR) very, very soon. The bulk of the development here has been focused on inter-operability with Exact Globe Next (Exact Globe and Exact Synergy Enterprise). The first item I wish to share with you is the newly designed and created “Alerts Summary” tab.

This Alert Summary Tab has been created to provide a workbench from which defined Events can be controlled and managed without having to get embroiled in understanding the depths of SQL programming. Here, you can perform the following functions, all in one place.

  • Set the Event to be Active
  • Change any defined select parameters, such as “Invoices over X” Days, where X is your variable
  • Adjust and define the schedule that you wish to run the event. (making an Event run every minute is not suggested)
  • Execute the Query / event right now, without having to wait for the schedule. (A new feature for Exact Event Manager 1.7)

For those of you who look deeply at pictures, you will notice that the Event Manager Control Centre is being run directly from within Exact Globe Next, further providing insight into our intent on simplifying your business life with Exact solutions. Each implementation of Exact Globe Next comes with Exact Event Manager, allowing you to take a preview of the solution. The “Default” events all actually work. You can then explore the solution at will with the only restriction being that you cannot save any Query changes. For this, you need to purchase a full license of Exact Event Manager, depending upon the number of Active Events you wish to run.

Furthermore, to show the intrinsic power of Exact Event Manager, with Exact Globe Next, we have provided 6 “Default” Events, that come with the solution. All you need to do is to change the parameters, set a schedule, and then go for coffee and reap the rewards!

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting more details on Exact Event Manager and provide insight into what is coming soon, to a solution near you!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Matthew Bather – Product Manager


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  • Robert Klein


    wow, I love the “Queue Now” option!


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