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Service Management: Register service jobs

Written by Robin den Buurman on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

As I informed you in my previous blog, last week, we are developing a new Service Management solution. Our development team has created another video to give you a sneak preview about what you can expect from the solution which will be available soon

When creating a service request you have to deal, most of the time, with limited information provided by your customer and response time is critical. Now, it is no longer required to always link a contract and it is possible to only fill in the information available. In addition, multiple service configurations or parts of service configurations can be serviced in one go. Although we are still working on assigning (multiple) resources and materials required, we would like to give you an impression of the usability aspect we can offer helpdesk employees when dealing with incoming requests for service.

Feedback is highly appreciated!

Note: We are still developing and improving this solution, the shown solution can differ from the actual delivered solution.

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  • Barry van der Meij


    Looks great, allthough I have a few questions:

    1 – Static process
    Within Service Management processes it is not allways logical the call follows steps 1, 2, 3 and 4. Sometimes the process needs more steps (for example in change management) and sometimes it must be possible to skip steps (for example when a solution is provided in the first contact.

    2 – Handle first, second and third line
    When maintaining the current functionality of requests this means assigning someting to a second or third line becomes messy, I think Exact also once tried to implement this on the service desk with separate requests.

    3 – Mandatory fields on tabs
    When tabs include mandatory fields which are initially not shown on the request form the user gets confused, how can you make notice for the user that some things still have to be filled in?

    4 – Queue management
    Service organisations tend to work with queues where the work for a certain team is presented, once they have done their activity the call flows into another queue or is resolved. How could you manage this business need?

    5 – Service Levels
    I don’t see anything which actually resolves the service level and calculates final respons / solution, is this functionality taken into account?

    Overall I think sticking to the workflow is not the best idea, where the introduction of the tabs is a very nice one.

    Will these tabs also come for other requests not regarding service management?


  • Jaap Jan



    With this solution we are focusing on Wholesale and Manufacturing companies that provide service activities on the products they sell.

    1 – Scenarios for non, single or multiple (variable) additional steps is supported via Activities. Basically the request is what initiates the event. The rest of the process is handled via activities.

    2 –It is possible to use multiple types of requests for service processes depending on the type of event. Workflow however can also guide a single request from one person (group of persons/department) to another.

    3 – Not sure what you mean. The tabs are just another way of presenting standard Synergy request related fields. So instead of having sections in a request in one screen we present them in tabs to help the user to select the data fast. The logic of whether a field is mandatory or not remains unchanged and is up to the customer to define in the request. Basically it is a standard request that only requires an Account to be entered. The Service Management related logic is in the underlying activities in the last tab.

    4 – We use Service activities that can be followed up by a single or multiple engineers. Queues like you describe you see a lot at in Professional Services organizations eg like in IT. We have partners that offer specific solutions in that area.
    With Service Management we are aiming on service by engineers that can work in/house or more often the field at a customer, individually or in a team and are part of a Wholesale or Manufacturing organization.

    5 – Service Levels
    Service levels can be defined in customer contract agreements. They will be integrated in the service process steps to make sure the organization can aim and is alerted on meeting these SLA’s.

    And for your remark on tabs in requests;

    Tabs can indeed be beneficial in other types of requests in Exact Synergy Enterprise, so will become available for other requests soon. Same applies for the new Service Management plan board that will also become available as part of Exact’s PSO solution.


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