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Service Management: Planning a job

Written by Robin den Buurman on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

Exact is currently developing a new Service Management solution. The development team has created this video to give you a preview about what you can expect from the solution which will be available soon.

Dispatching of service activities

Assigning the right engineer to a service activity is essential in service organizations. Aspects such as availability, skills and stock on hand are the instruments a planner or helpdesk employee can use in making sure the right engineer is planned for the job. We looked at the gaps that customers experience in the current plan board of Field Service in Exact Synergy ASP and used these to design and develop a completely new plan board. This plan board helps you to solve issues like separating backlog from planned activities, filter on resource and activity-related constraints, and makes it easy to assign or reassign service activities to one or more engineer.

Feedback is highly appreciated!

Note: We are still developing and improving this solution, the shown solution can differ from the actual delivered solution.

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