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Oh no, not a salary increase!

Written by michielvandenarend on . Posted in Exact Online

It is not a yell you hear a lot. Maybe you have never heard it. But in some departments you can hear it…the payroll administrators who have to enter the new wages into the system.

It can be a lot of work. Search for the employee, open the payroll data, select the gross salary component, update the amount, save the changes and then start again with the next employee.

Of course we understand the payroll administrators, but we also know that employees like to get a salary increase. Therefore we created a tool to update the salaries quickly and easily. And not only changes in salaries, but also changes of manager, location and other payroll components like net allowances or bonuses.

In the mass update-tool, you can change employee data for all (or a selection of) employees in three clicks. First select the employees and the subject you want to update. But you can also select all employees, because you can exclude them for a change in the next step.


Here you see a percentage increase of the salary with 2,5% as from 01-09-2011. By the way, the amounts are rounded up to 0,50 cents.

In the next step, you can deselect some employees so the will not get a salary increase. You also can change the new amount manually. So when you have an increase without any logic, you can start with an increase of an amount of 0,00. In the grid, you can enter the new wages manually for all employees in one page.

Same logic is available for increasing (or decreasing) other payroll components. As said before, it is also possible to update your employee data, like manager or mail addresses.

So with this tool, I hope that everybody likes salary increases as from now!

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