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How do we approach localizations?

Written by Sabine Christiansen on . Posted in Exact Globe

Exact deals with customers in 125 countries from all over the world and therefore localization of our software has always been a big issue for us. With a newly formed localizations team in corporate product management, which offers centralized structures and responsibilities, we can deliver better results.

Our new team consists of three colleagues, each of us dedicated to a number of countries we are responsible for. What we, in co-operation with the regional product responsible, want to achieve is:

  • Becoming proactive with respect to changes in international legal regulations and product requirements
  • Make all localized versions and functionality to become part of the standard Exact Globe distribution set
  • Assure a professional and consistent face to the market for all localized versions
  • Share existing functionality where reasonable
  • Meeting and managing customers’ expectations

Our colleague Elaine Chai is responsible for Asian countries, I, Sabine Christiansen, I’m taking care of Central Europe including Germany, Austria and Switzerland and Alexander Kutilov keeps focus on the other western European countries as well as other geographical areas including Americas.

Thinking about Central Europe a lot of alignment has been done for the past years. All of them are influenced by European Economic Community and general accounting principles are quite comparable. As a result, it really brings a lot of benefit to combine and centralize efforts for the countries. Besides, at least for the international companies our solutions are used in different countries and for the parent company it’s much easier to merge data when all subsidiaries in other countries use functionality that is uniformed worldwide and at the same time it’s localized.

At the moment we are on our way gaining more detailed information inside our existing localizations and after this evaluation is done I’m convinced we are able to share and spread existing functionality to other countries and as a result to create added value with limit risk and effort.

We already had comparable experience with our existing localizations for our customers in Austria and Switzerland, that could easily share functionality originally built for Germany.

So, although facing some challenges at the moment, we are already sure to provide a lot of exiting new features to our customers in the future. We’ll keep you posted, stay tuned!

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Comments (2)

  • Dave


    We are using Exact Globe in Finland and Poland.

    One year ago Exact made some customized software for use so we can use the Nordea Bank format in Finland. Is this an example of a functionality what you will consider as team if it will become in the standard software?

    Exact Poland is developing additional modules for fixed assets, vat registration and a few others. Is it also a goal for you as team to get these functionalities in the standard software as well? This will help us a lot.


  • Sabine Christiansen


    Customization will still be a part of the software, but in case of standardized processes we check whether it’s possible to take functionality over to standard development.
    Beside this we are analysing all existing localizations at the moment to get a quite clear picture on which could be shared easily or not.
    In the end all functionality should at least be part of the standard installation set of Exact Globe to ease maintenance and installation process.


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