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Don’t spend any more time on manual invoice entry.

Written by Philippe Robert on . Posted in Exact Online

Exact Online can now offer you a real gain in productivity in keeping your accounting up to date. To give you an alternative to entering your invoices manually, one of the main projects for the new release of Exact Online (available from April 2011) was the integration of a scanning solution. This was already mentioned in a previous post last year: What a wonderful world…

The wonderful world is no longer a dream, the scanning functionality now very real within Exact Online. If you still receive ‘paper’ invoices from your suppliers – either in hard copy or as PDF, you can upload them to our scanning service directly within the product. The day after, you will get the electronic invoice in your mailbox. And with just 2 clicks, the invoices will be entered and archived in your accounting record.

Over the last 2 months, we have started offering this service in controlled release with a few customers and accountant’s offices. In that period more than 9.000 invoices have been converted from a PDF or TIFF to an electronic invoice by our scanning service!

Can the scanning service convert only purchase invoices to an electronic form?

Not at all! We are now also testing the conversion of bank statements that you have on paper or as PDF into an MT940 file that you can import into the bank module. This is an extra service complementary to the automatic bank links that already exist with some banks (ABN-AMRO, Bizner and Rabobank) and the manual import of bank files that you have exported from your online banking.

If you are interested in using this extra service, don’t hesitate to contact our sales department for Exact Online.
Imagine the gain in productivity – the time that you can win with this service. Time that you can then invest in concentrating on your real activities.

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