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B2B E-Commerce Portal, status & introduction video’s

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

The B2B E-Commerce Portal (ECP) is planned to be general available in July (with Exact Synergy Enterprise pu 246/Exact Globe pu 401). The last month’s we developed two major functionalities and about 10 smaller ones. The major functionalities are the Electronic Payment support and the E-Variant support. Electronic payment can be done via Ogone (http://www.ogone.com), Ogone offers their customer a wide range of electronic payment methods (Credit card, iDeal, PayPal and so on).

The other new functionalities include:

  • Displaying bigger images when clicking on a catalog image
  • Displaying free fields with an URL as a link
  • Having the favorite item widget on the account page
  • Support for non-sales items (add to cart is not disabled for these items)
  • Item name widget can display code and/or description now
  • The default order quantity can be linked to a item free number field
  • The DB.config is created automatically now when adding a new portal
  • We have a specific product updater for ECP now
  • When saving a shopping cart, the current one can either be cleared or not now
  • The Item image widget will also display html now

2 introduction movies were created for ECP, one in English and one in Dutch.

If you have any questions about ECP, please contact me (stan.houben@exact.com)

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Comments (4)

  • Jack


    I like the functionality that are included in your b2b e-commerce portal. I have seen ogone for payment transaction first time.


  • Ashley Sally


    I like your new update. it is very helpful for any b2b portal’s user


  • Stephan ten Kate


    I’ve seen an introduction of this B2B e-commerce portal by Exact yesterday, and I couldn’t hide the feeling that Exact should stay with his core actually.

    The whole portal is breathing a web 1.0 character:
    Yes, as a company we’ve got some products to show online. via this portal.
    But no, it’s not up to date with current e-commerce developments and online customer experience requirements.

    Maybe this portal is convenient for Exact users who’ve got loyal customers who know what to order and do that in an more automatic manner. But in all other cases, it’s lacking some important usability features for customers and backoffice management for the Exact administrator.

    Maybe I’m too critical (at this moment, I am managing a project for the development of a Magento webshop that is linked to Exact Globe), but I don’t think this portal can offer a decent business representation that is ready for current ánd future online environments and experiences.

    Love to hear you’re ideas!


  • Joel


    Hi Stan

    Is this product now commercially available? if so any indication of pricing and availability per country?

    Also will Exact be releasing a B2C offering?




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