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Workflow: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

If you work a lot with appointments or have set dates to follow up on your tasks, but you are facing a problem of being buried under your ever increasing workflow, we have a great tip for you to help you organize it!

Would you like to see in your workflow what you have to do today and not be reminded about what you have to do tomorrow till tomorrow? Watch our video to find out how to work with an end date, so you can start completing your to-do list and be able to go home at the end of the day knowing you’ve completed all your scheduled tasks.

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Comments (3)

  • R. Woltz


    Why doesn’t Exact introduce an new field ‘action date workflow’. With this field it would be clear for everybody how to sort their workflow!


  • Aimee


    Hey R. Woltz,
    Not sure what you mean. I think the ‘end date’ field in requests meets this purpose and can be relabled to anything you like including ‘action date workflow’. You can use it to sort your workflow, group your workflow, to search for workflow, or to only display currently due workflow as this tip shows. Moreover, it’s always possible to add extra data free fields if necessary. Please let me know if I missunderstand your question but I do think ‘end date’ works for this purpose and to me seems a clearer label than ‘action date workflow’ but since everyone has their own preferences it’s customizable.


  • Dennis Damen


    Hi Aimee,

    It’s a pity that you cannot sort your workflow on the extra datafields. If there was an extra datefield “action date workflow” you still can use the enddate field. For instance: A QuotationRequest has been made. This request has a startdate, an enddate and an actiondate (1 week before the enddate). If you could sort your workflow on this actiondate it is far more clear for users.




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