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New cockpits and My cockpit with to do list

Written by Lucie van Velze on . Posted in Exact Online

Exact online now offers a selection of advanced cockpits. Next to the improved Financial cockpit, cockpits for Customers, Sales, Purchase, Time & Billing and Payroll are now also available. The one’s you’ll be able to access will depend on the license you have. The help files for each cockpit can give you detailed information on the summaries displayed within them – simply click on ‘?’ in the top right corner of the screen.

A cockpit will give you insight and direction into your day to day work and your most important processes. What needs to be done, what is there to check, what’s happening in your business processes, key financial information and historical overviews.

The new styled cockpits were introduced in the blog New year! A nice moment to give our cockpits a new facelift! by Ilja Udo.

Also available and maybe of great help to you is the ‘My cockpit’ screen. This offers the possibility to create a cockpit according to your own wishes, showing information about the businesses processes most relevant to you.  All webparts available in the defined cockpits can be inserted here and positioned as you see fit.

Try it out and see what advantages it can offer you. And keep in mind that the ‘My cockpit’ has a standard layout that can always be set back using the ‘Default’ button.

How do I customize the My cockpit?

At the right top of the screen click on the ‘customize’ hyperlink.

Webparts can be selected in the webpart catalog. You can open the catalog by clicking the + in the zone you want to add the webpart to. You can change a webpart’s position using drag and drop.

One of the improved webparts is the ‘To Do’. In defined cockpits this To Do webpart shows a shortlist of to-do’s and alerts for specific area of the business. For example, the Financial cockpit shows only financial to-do’s.  In the ‘My cockpit’ this webpart can be customized to show an optimal list for all the areas of the business most relevant to you!

How do I customize the To Do webpart?

If this webpart is not visible in your cockpit you can add it using the Default button to retrieve the updated template, or select it in the webpart catalog.

Go to the ‘To Do’ webpart and in the right top corner click on the edit hyperlink.

Properties will be displayed. Changing these properties changes the list that will be visible to you. If you go to the property ‘Group’, multiple checkboxes are displayed. Mark all the areas of the business that are relevant for you and save the webpart.

Following this the To Do webpart will display the relevant to do’s and alerts that you have chosen to be informed about!

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