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Make use of Exact Onlines automatic banklinks!

Written by Ilja Udo on . Posted in Exact Online

Via television and radio ABN AMRO recently promoted the banklinks it has with several online bookkeeping packages. Ofcourse Exact Online is one of them!!

With the module Exact Online Banking, Exact Online provides links with the following banks:

What does a bank link offer?
Depending on the bank the following files can be automatically exchanged:

  • bank statements and/or
  • payment files and/or
  • collection files.

What is an automatic exchange?
During automatic exchange electronic files from your linked bank accounts are entered directly into your administration without the need to manually upload them via your computer’s hard disk. Note that the frequency of exchange differs per bank.

Bank statements:
During import bank statement lines will be registered in the bank journal automatically and Exact Online will try to match as many outstanding items as possible. The advantage of importing bank statements compared to manual entry is that it saves time and prevents errors.

Payment/collection files:
With the module Exact Online Banking you can easily select and, if needed, edit items to be paid/collected and subsequently process them into a payment/collection file that can be imported in your electronic banking program.

When you have indicated that bank files can be exchanged automatically, payment/collection files do not have to be downloaded manually. They will be sent automatically instead. Exchange of the bank files takes place 24/7. The frequency of exchange differs per bank.

Note: At the moment only domestic payments are supported, no payment file can be created for foreign payments. Further collection files can only be created when this is supported by your bank.

Do you have a bank account with one of the above banks and no link yet? Don’t hesitate to request a bank link, either via Exact Online or your bank.


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