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Collect your payroll documents

Written by michielvandenarend on . Posted in Exact Online

At the end of a payroll period, when the calculation is done, the payroll slips are checked and the tax declaration is sent, it is time to collect a range of documents together that need to be sent to the customer.

Usually, a checklist (sometimes a list per customer) is used to ensure that nothing is forgotten. Once all the relevant documents have been collected, they can be sent to the customer who will print them out, give them to their employees (payroll slips) or store them in an archive.

Is it possible to facilitate the process described above, so that it is less time-consuming and less error-prone? Of course! In Exact Online Payroll, you can collect your relevant document in PDF in the period-document. This document can then be sent easily via mail to the customer. However, it is even more efficient is to give the customer access to their administration, so they can get the documents themselves.

You can collect the relevant documents together very easily. To start with, you can define the documents, derived from the calculation, in the settings.


In this case, the payroll slips, payment advice list, total journal item and a bank file are linked to the period document. Note that you can use these settings to define which documents are relevant for each one of your administrations.

After processing the calculation, the declaration to the tax authority and/or a third party (pension fund) must be done. In the last step of creating a declaration, it is possible to enable the option to link a summary of the declaration to a period document.

When all processes are finished, you simply go to the period document and click the email button. The collected documents are sent to your customer. If you do not want to send an email, just agree with the customer that on the last day of the payroll period, all relevant documents can be found in Exact Online, all collected in one document. Easy and efficient!

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