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The new account card

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Online

From April 11th a new release, which is already available in Belgium, will become available in the Netherlands. In this release we have looked, among other things, at the account card and the ways that it could be improved. The main goal was to enrich the account card to show what is going on and what has happened recently for the account in question.

The changes of the account card are largely based on providing more information, through fewer actions. Instead of offering hyperlinks to related information, the information for the account is shown directly in the card. And it’s not only the financial situation that’s shown, but also more static information like all the layouts linked that are linked to the account.

The card has been organized by information type. The left side of the card shows static information (e.g. who to invoice or payment conditions), while the right side displays the current information (e.g. outstanding items). This newly structured account card not only allows more information to be shown, but also allows better insight into what is going on with each account.

The overview of the account card could not be created without adjustments. As part of this, related fields and sections have been grouped together.

The top section now shows the basic information on the account in a ‘business card’ style, providing details like the name, address and contact information. The characterizing icons (supplier, accountant, re-seller etc.) have a fixed place in a grid, so it is easier to note a missing characteristic. And on the right of the top section is a ‘Quick links’ section which provides access to certain information without the need to scroll down in the card.

The ‘General’ area contains the information that you assign to the account. This includes a monitor showing counts for open documents and activities, and a look into history to give an indication of how much has been going on concerning this account.

Financial’ shows summarized financial values with the actual A/R and A/P amounts, overdue amounts, and a link to print reminders.

And in the ‘Sales’ and ‘Purchase’  areas, information on invoicing and purchasing is shown next to actual sales and purchase entries. The sales section is only shown for suspects, prospects, and customers, the purchase section only for suppliers. If you’re working with Subscription, the sales area also displays a list of subscribed items (active items in active subscriptions).

Hopefully you’ll see the changes as a considerable improvement, increasing the power and flexibility of the information displayed in the account card. We look forward to hearing your thoughts once it becomes available next week!

Comments (5)

  • Bluxs



    Can a customer be a supplier in Exact online?

    Would be a nice feature for Exact Synergy Enterprise as well!!


  • Werner


    @Bluxs: Yes, a customer can also at the same time be a supplier in Exact Online!


  • stella


    great that you guys are improving the account card. is there a space where an account owner can enter ‘special’ data about the customer? and i don’t mean a remarks box where you can paste in emails. i mean a text field called something like ‘about this customer’ in which one can write things about the customer’s personal side, if something out of the ordinary happened at the last meeting, if there’s a certain detail that’s useful to remember… just to give a special twist to the relationship between account owner and customer.


  • Peter Oskam


    There is a remark field on the acocunt card which is a text field and meant to type in remarks about the customer, your relationshiop with the customer, special conditions, etc.
    I hope this answers your question.


  • dprudhomme


    The new account card is a good idea but since a few days, I have remark problems because the data in the accounting part are not displayed correctly, impossible to display it at he left of the screeen as it was before. Question have been reported to the support.


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