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Written by Adeel Ahmed on . Posted in Exact Online

A few weeks ago I wrote about the re-writing of some of the most widely read help files. We’ve completed and updated them in English and the Dutch translations are being written. The following files have already been translated:

  • Creating a bank journal entry/Het aanmaken van een boeking in een bankboek
  • Creating and maintaining a journal/Een dagboek aanmaken/aanpassen
  • Creating a sales invoice/Een factuur invoeren
  • Creating an account/Een relatie aanmaken
  • View the account card/Wat zie ik op de relatiekaart?

We would really appreciate your feedback on these files. We would like to know if they are answering your questions or are they still missing information that we can add to them. You can use the box below to let us know what you think.

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