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Rafiki’s Corner: Spring is here and Exact Event Manager 1.5 is in Controlled Release!

Written by Sander van Triet on . Posted in Exact Event Manager

And it all comes together! Today is March 1, 2010 and in the Great White North, Canada, that means Spring Day. I can think of no better way than to celebrate the movement into Spring, a time of new things to come, with the release of Exact Event Manager 1.5 into Controlled Release (CR). This is the phase of the release cycle where our customers get to sample the efforts of a dedicated team, and put our solutions to work, making their lives easier.

This launch into Controlled Release is the culmination of many, many man days testing, fixing, adjusting and releasing code to be re-tested. Weekly releases, and on occasion, multiple releases a week, spread over a period of 2 months, have resulted in what will is looking to be a release to be proud of. I do know that there is much excitement around this release and all the possibilities it brings our customer base.

Exact Event Manager is one of those solutions that assists in immediately unlocking hidden value within any organization, no matter the industry or market.

In summary, Exact Event Manager 1.5 provides the following capabilities:

  • Support of MS-SQL 2000, 2005 and 2008 R2 as a data source and action
  • Support of SMTP and POP3 for email sources and actions
  • The creation of a Request, as an action, in Synergy Enterprise based on the event
  • Distribution of a Crystal Report, in pdf format, of reports with grouping. (Invoices, Quotes etc)
  • Update (DML) of the supported SQL databases as an action

Exact Event Manager 1.5 is a browser based application developed using .NET 4.0 and Silverlight 4.0 technologies, allowing for anytime, anywhere management, supporting Unicode and diacritics. An embedded Rich Text editor provides a platform for professional outbound emails as actions with images

The creation of Queries, as part of the event can be accomplished through an intuitive Query and Expression Builder, or for those SQL fundis, you can manually build your complex SQL query. There is something for everyone.

Exact Event Manager 1.5 is a solution that has no market boundaries. Irrespective of the industry you are in, there are always aspects of your business that remain hidden and represent opportunities. Deployment of Exact Event Manager 1.5 in any business will help immediately unlock that potential, automatically and iteratively allowing businesses to focus on growth. The return on investment is extremely short, yet long living.

It is now open season on Exact Event Manager 1.5. If you wish to participate, please contact your relevant account manager.


Comments (3)

  • Robert Klein


    I like the embedded Rich Text editor which allows me to quickly insert tables, adjust table properities, and use spell check.


  • Synergy User


    Hi Matthew

    All sounds good, is this product an Exact product or still under license from Vineyardsoft??

    Also does EEM still work on a schedule rather than triggers? Obviously trigger based queries offer less overhead on servers…

    And finally HTML emails? is this possible using standard core functionality?


  • matthewbather


    Exact Event Manager 1.5 is a solution designed and developed entirely by Exact.

    Yes, the solution makes use of the table scan method of event management, with schedules defining when the scans should run. The need to have a trigger based solution is clearly understood and is part of the product roadmap.

    The new rich text editor for emails negates the need to write HTML code. This is a utility that provides for the ability to properly format and design professional emails, embed images and links. Yu have the option to send the email in HTML format as well.


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