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Purchasing extra services through Exact Online is cheaper!

Written by Philippe Robert on . Posted in Exact Online

When you want to purchase a product or a service from a company, it will usually cost you more to buy in small quantities than it does to buy in bulk. These kinds of discounts are commonplace and exist across all types of businesses.

Customers of Exact Online in Belgium will soon also be able to benefit from this kind of advantage, when the new release is installed on our server this Tuesday 22 March.

In this new release, you will be able to purchase analysis of a Belgian company carried out by Graydon (www.graydon.be ). In each of your customer and supplier account cards, you will see a link ‘Graydon Report’. When you will click on it, you will have the choice of 3 reports:

  • Credit analysis for 15
  • Compact report for 30
  • Full report for 50

In less than 20 seconds, the purchased report will be shown on your screen and saved as a document in your Exact Online administration. As such, you will always be able to find the reports you’ve purchased on a company quickly using the document links in their account card.

The advantage for both Graydon and Exact Online is very clear. We provide our users with an easy and integrated way to purchase a report. Graydon finds a new distribution channel for their publications. It you go to the Graydon website, you can also purchase these reports yourself for the standard price. The complete report, consisting of more than 25 pages of information on a company, can be purchased there for 70€.

However, thanks to the volume this new channel offers Graydon, we’ve been able to negotiate a significant discount for our users. The full report, when purchased via Exact Online, will only cost you 50€ (excluding VAT).

Thanks to this exciting co-operation, you’ll be able to enjoy wholesale pricing however many you buy!

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