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Payroll Service Providers: Hurry up!

Written by John Dijns on . Posted in Exact Online

In a previous blog I discussed how the world of Payroll Service providers is changing – more work for less pay and the value-added process shifting from administration to advice. At Exact Online Payroll we’re responding to this, creating features that improve efficiency and effectiveness for payroll administrators – mainly in relation to the primary payroll process. I’d like to share some of these new developments with you below.

Startup by importing a payroll tax declaration
Setting up a new administration in EOL Payroll by importing an old payroll tax declaration from a previous payroll application will allow you to make a flying start. All employees are already created and entered into service. Only information not included in the declaration has to be entered manually – like the salary and job description. We’ll soon release a mass update feature allowing you to enter these things in one, avoiding having to edit every employee manually. Most Collective Labor Agreements (CLA and NL: Cao) are supported in EOL Payroll so selecting the right one will get you going really quickly.

Let your customer enter variable mutations
Clients of payroll professionals will usually send their variable mutations via fax, paper or Excel, often using a matrix like structure with the people in service that period versus variables like overtime, declarations or vacation days.
In EOL Payroll you can define this matrix, deciding which components are shown and naming them in a way the client understands. The client can then logon and enter his variables mutations in a matrix that’s always up to date. This eliminates the payroll administration having to import these mutations or, even worse, enter them manually.

Entry variable mutations (Click for enlargement)

Check and send the right reports to the client
Clients operate across various branches with specific CLA’s and many different calculations. Part of the payroll process is checking the calculation and, if approved by the payroll administrator, sending the required reports to the client.
EOL Payroll supports this by allowing you to define what reports and overviews you would like to check or send to a specific client. This allows you to have a compact list of to-be-checked overviews and reports that you would like (have) to check before giving a run your stamp of approval. Once it is approved the defined reports are automatically generated, linked to a single document in the digital archive and optionally sent to the client by e-mail. This could even include the payment file that the client can import into his bank application to pay his employees. After the check, a single click then wraps up the payroll process.

Check cockpit (Click for enlargement)

E-mail the employees
Digital payslips are becoming more and more commonplace – a good thing as they are both environmentally friendly and much cheaper (no paper, printing, handling or sending costs).
Exact believes in digital payslips and supports them in EOL Payroll.
Payslips to employees can be automatically sent after finalizing a period or started as a separate step. Per client you can choose to send the payslips to the employee’s private or work e-mail account or send all payslips together to the employer in pdf. Payslips mailed to employees that have left service or don’t have a mail account can be directed to a specific ‘on error’ mail account or to the employer. The process is made simple, with any deviations handled by the employer (who obviously knows his employees best) rather than the payroll service provider.

Payslip e-mail (Click for enlargement)

Up to the fifth gear
While all of the aforementioned features apply to specific employers, a payroll service provider must also support multiple employers at the same time. In order to take things up a notch EOL payroll has introduced the Payroll Process Overview.
In the overview you can apply all the features mentioned above for multiple periods and multiple employers at once. Finalizing payroll runs, sending period documents, payslips and payroll tax declarations can all be done from the one place. Furthermore, you can monitor the status of the agreed timing for all actions and tax declarations. If further investigate is required you can easily drill down into the selected process step for the specific administration. To customize the view you can label each administration with a self-defined category or a user responsible for a specific client. More info in the Payroll Process Overview can be found here.

Payroll Process Overview (Click for enlargement)

To wrap up we can say that with EOL Payroll the Payroll Service Provider is ready for the heightened demand of the Payroll service market. We can also give you our promise that we will continue to innovate to match the needs of even your most demanding clients.
If you wish to discuss the payroll service market or any aspect of this blog don’t hesitate to send me a mail!

John Dijns
Product Line Manager Payroll

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John Dijns

John Dijns is Productline Manager at Exact where he is responsible for the development of Dutch Payroll solutions. Currently the Payroll development team is working on enhancing Exact Online Payroll. This is the most recent Payroll product. Exact Online is the first SaaS solution to both offer a Financial and Payroll solution on the same platform.

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    payroll service providing to marketing a self-defined category or a user responsible for a specific client. More info in the Payroll Processing .Thank you


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    Payroll tax declarations can all be done from the one place. Furthermore, you can monitor the status of the agreed timing for all actions and tax declarations.


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