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Is it something we have to do, or does it just make our life easier?

Written by Timo van Noppen on . Posted in Exact Online

Last week I received a mail from someone within Exact (not related to product development) about legislation changes coming up within the next few years that will have an impact on our internal and external processes. In that mail, the person made the comment: Is it something we have to do or does it just make our life easier?

I thought it was a very striking comment that made me think about the actual users of our products. No-one uses our products for the fun of it alone. They use them to support their businesses.

Within that, we know that some aspects of doing business are unavoidable. Any business must do tax declarations, deposit annual statements, keep a lengthy history of all sales invoices, etc. Is that fun? No! Does it support the business and generate revenue? No! Still, it has to be done.

What we at Exact can do is make it as easy as possible for a user to handle these mandatory but non-business supportive activities. We want to leave the user more time to focus on what really matters: their business.

Luckily, this trend is already on its way. Getting bank statements into the administration automatically, compiling and sending out tax declarations with a few clicks and automatically saving all sales invoices already make the lives of our users easier.

A lot more can be done and as a company focused on supporting businesses with our software we are constantly looking for ways to make life easier for the users; both for their core business activities, and the less exciting but equally important support tasks. Two articles on this blog highlight that well: Purchasing extra services through Exact Online is cheaper! and Exact Online for your iPhone. Further examples can be found by going through the rest of the blog’s article bank.

To answer the question from that colleague: yes, it must be done, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t also be part of making our lives easier!

Photo courtesy of Jason Gulledge

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  • Hans


    Is Exact Online going to connect with google apps ?


  • Peter


    I would also like to know if you would be planning an integration with Google apps. That is the only key thing holding me back from advising the Excat software to my clients.


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