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Exact PSA doubles the amount of supported bits

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

Full support of 64-bit Windows operating systems was a long-standing item on the list of requested features for our professional services automation (PSA) solution. Still we had to postpone it time after time because of other great and important features we wanted to deliver.

In the meantime some of our customers were getting increasingly upset about having to run background jobs on a dedicated 32-bit server locked somewhere in the basement, when the rest of their infrastructure has already been upgraded to 64-bits.

Well, no need for that anymore. Once the PSA solution update 246/401 (comprised of Synergy Enterprise 246 and Globe 401) becomes generally available this June, it will run smoothly in a 64-bit environment after an upgrade.

No need for that 32-bit server anymore either. However, some people might be very interested in it.


Comments (4)

  • Bauke Dijkstra


    This sounds perfect Vladimir!

    Some customers are waiting for this for a long time.


  • Bluxs


    Perfect solution!!! Can’t wait till june


  • Synergy Classic User


    Hi Vladimir

    Could you or someone in Exact advise via this blog if Synergy Classic is able to run on a 64-bit Windows 2003 Server? and if so what batch release will it work with?

    If not are there any plans to support 64-bit?


  • Vladimir Bataev


    Hello, Synergy Classic User,

    As far as my knowledge goes, Synergy Classic won’t run on 64 bits. Since we are only doing maintenance on Synergy Classic, we won’t be updating it to run in 64-bit environments.

    I regret to disappoint you on this.

    However, for Exact PSA we are busy investigating how to migrate existing customer from Classic to Enterprise. If you are interested in providing feedback on this, please get in touch with me.


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