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Working with Layouts: Help, where did you leave the rest of my text?

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Online

 Say you have put a lot of effort in describing all of your items. And now is the time to print that nice and descriptive invoice that has it all in black and white. I mean who doesn’t want to print on the invoice what exactly your customers have bought?

Enter the layout editor, the place in Exact Online where you control the looks of your layouts. However, as mentioned in previous blog posting, having a little more knowledge will help you getting real control.

In this blog posting I’d like to touch on another hot issue, line text not being displayed completely.

The item description is longer than shown above. Text should be displayed as shown in the picture below.


Why does this happen in the first place?
An often heard question in this case is why the field is not expanding automatically? This is because in some cases there’s simply not enough space available to allow a field that expands all by itself, e.g. overlapping other text or lines. Therefore we leave this choice to you. And apparently in this case the field was set to not being able to grow.

How exactly can you be in control here?
After having opened the layout in the layout editor, you simply need to select the field that has the issue. Now click the Properties button to open this fields properties and mark the Can grow checkbox.

Preview your change to this layout by pressing the Print preview button and select the invoice you had this issue with. As an alternative approach you could stretch out the Description field horizontally, even make the Quantity field a little less wide to prevent an overlap of these fields. With or without marking the Can grow checkbox on the Description field. If you’re satisfied you can save your layout and be rid of this issue!

As you can see there are always multiple ways to reach your goal, as long as you have just a little knowledge.

Next time I will be blogging on how you can be in control of your layout when printing invoices with a lot of lines. You can run into some issues there, the most common one being the lines overlapping other sections. But that’s for next time!

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  • exact globe user


    Its a pity Exact don’t “refresh” the layout management tool in Globe with someting like the above!!!!!


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