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Written by Martin Ortgiess on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

A post about documentation on the Product Blog… can it be more boring? You tell me! I consider documentation as an important part of the products that we deliver. It should help you to use and implement our software. But we need your opinion to tell us if it does. Please tell us what you think about our documentation by filling in this questionnaire. It will not take you longer than a minute. Later on I will share the outcome as a reply to this post.

Click on the button below to complete the questionnaire.

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  • Martin Ortgiess


    We already recieved a lot of feedback about our documentation which I will share with you later. First results show that documentation IS important and shows us what you think about our Release Notes and Online help. Thanks for your feedback! If you didn’t fill in the questionnaire yet and you would like to tell your opinion, click on the link in the blog post.


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