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Rafikis’ Corner: Exact Event Manager and Grouping

Written by Sander van Triet on . Posted in Exact Event Manager

Exact Event Manager 1.5 is here and being put through its’ paces by various dedicated team members around the world. As we move closer to placing Exact Event Manager into the hands of customers, it is important that we spend some time on education, in and around Exact Event Manager.

In an attempt to highlight capabilities, not necessarily features, the Exact Event Manager team has put together a series of documents, known as Exact Event Manager Insights. These documents will be released as a series, and will contain a focused set of capabilities, providing insight into “How do I?” type questions, looking at what one can really do with the solution. The first document, “Grouping with Crystal Reports”, is the subject of this Product Blog.

The need to provide users of Exact Event Manager with the ability to send out one email message with a collection of data,  that may be grouped and sub-totaled, is of primary importance in delivering a powerful and efficient solution. This is how this requirement is handled in Exact Event Manager:

Use Case:

You are placed in charge of creating Events within Exact Event Manager. You have email, Synergy Enterprise, Crystal XI and Exact Globe, all from Exact. You have been working with the solution quite successfully and with some ease, when suddenly you get a call from the Project Management Office (PMO). The PM of a project is traveling with the team to Mauritius to implement a focused solution and one of their requirements is the automated delivery of Sales Reports, by Sales person and Customer, delivered to the Sales Manager once a week on Fridays.

You take a look at your solutions and tools available to you, and determine that this is not going to be too tough.

Solution Description

  • You quickly go into Exact Event Manager and build out your connection and query, using the built in Query builder, pulling information from the relevant Exact Globe tables.
  • You then go into Crystal Reports and pull up an old Crystal Report file (Sales.rpt) that you remember you developed last year.
  • You add logos, and make sure the data that is being referenced is correct, and that you apply grouping within the Crystal Report by Customer, making the report look professional. The report is Customer Sales by Sales Person.
  • You then go back into Exact Event Manager and select an email as the desired Action, set to run at 08h00 every Friday.
  • Within the Exact Event Manager email attachment editor, you point to the Sales.rpt stored on the server, set the output to be .pdf and assign the email address accordingly.
  • You save the Event, run a test, and off you go to take your long awaited flight lesson.

Exact Event Manager 1.5 leverages the power of various technologies as part of the solution stack. Crystal XI is one of those technologies, which provides enormous opportunities to leverage the inherent power of Exact Event Manager. In this instance, Grouping is a key aspect, and by leveraging the power of Crystal XI, users of Exact Event Manager are able to unlock the hidden potential within their business systems. If you wish to explore this topic more, please read Exact Event Manager Insights : Grouping with Crystal Reports (Doc# 21.738.335 – customer portal access required)

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  • Menno


    I can’t wait to get the product in my hands. Looks very promising. This has been long awaited. If pricing is good then we can “rock” with our customers.
    Any idea when it will be available?


  • Matthew Bather


    Hi there,

    We are in the process of releasing to internal Regional Verification testing, and then into Controlled release. This will occur within the next couple of weeks..keep watching the blog for more.




  • Synergy User


    Is there any chance of seeing some visual screenshots of this new version please?


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