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It’s time to test the new release!

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Online

We’re currently busy finishing the final developments for the upcoming new release of Exact Online. The Quality engineers are already updating the release test scripts – the scenarios we use to ensure that all the functionality is performing exactly as it should – so we can begin with the extensive release test itself later in the month.  The actual release of the new software for our customers is planned at the beginning of April.

“Why does this take so long?” you might think. Well, it’s largely because we take a lot of steps to make sure that the new release is stable and a genuine improvement for our customers. These developments include nice new functionalities, as well as extensions, upgrades and additions to existing areas of the product. In order to give you a little more insight into what goes on behind the scenes here at Exact Online, I will explain the steps of the release process in more detail for you here.

First of all there will be two weeks where all new development stops and we focus fully on stabilizing the new release. In this period the last issues that were found during previous tests of new and existing functionalities are solved and tested again.

Following this initial period there are three weeks where all disciplines within the Exact Online development team execute tests based on the extensive scripts mentioned briefly above. This means that most functional designers, quality engineers and software engineers will be testing the release to make sure that new developments improve the software in the right way and all existing functionalities still work correctly. At the same time another part of the development team solves the issues that are found and re-test to ensure the problems have been satisfactorily addressed.

In this period an external company specialized in security assessments also tests the new release to make sure there are no security risks. This is a fixed part in the release cycle. Only when all blocking issues are solved and the development team and security experts indicate that the new release meets the set quality standards the release can be approved.

Once this stage has been reached, a trial update will be done on a test server to make sure the installation process works correctly. When this is successful the actual update of the live servers of Exact Online will be planned and executed. Once that has been successfully carried out the new functionalities and improvements are available to be used by our customers.

Keep an eye on the blog, news portals and product release notes for more information concerning the upcoming April release. In the meantime, if you have any further questions about what’s coming or how we deliver it, please do get in touch!


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