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How to setup prices for subscriptions

Written by Robert Huberts on . Posted in Exact Online

In previous blog posts we’ve introduced the Exact Online Subscription module and provided some information about how to use it. In this post I’m going to continue the story and explain how you can setup prices for subscription items.

Prices for subscription services or goods depend on the length of the invoice period. If you send an invoice for a subscription for a year the price is different then when you send an invoice for the same subscription for a month. This is of course very obvious, but it is an important point as this is not an uncommon scenario. In Exact Online you can setup your items to support prices for different periods without the need to duplicate items.

So the prices depend on the invoice period. In the earlier post Subscriptions, a first glance we showed you that the invoice period is set in the subscription type. We currently support four invoice periods: Month, Quarter, Half-year and Year.

So how can you setup your prices for these periods? Follow these steps:

  • Go to the menu to maintain your items.
  • Open and edit one of your subscription items (or you can create a new item).Prices section
  • In the edit screen there is a section called Prices. In this section you can enter values for the Unit and Sales price. The unit should be a time unit that is supported for subscriptions and matches the (default) invoice period. Enter the price you want for the invoice period in the Sales price field.
  • Save the item.

If you only have one invoice period for subscriptions with this item you are now ready! If you want to have multiple invoice periods for this item continue with the next steps:

  • Open the item again and click on the Prices link in the monitor section
  • You now see an overview with all prices for this item. At this point it will only show the price you entered in the previous steps.
  • Click on the New button to create a new price for the item.Maintain item prices
  • In the new price screen you start by selecting the unit (invoice period) for which you want create the price. Again this should be a time unit that we support for the invoicing of subscriptions.
  • When you have selected a new unit yout can enter the conversion factor between the default unit and the new unit.
  • In the Price field you will see that a price is suggested. This price is calculated based on the price for the default unit and conversion factor you just entered. You can keep this price or can enter a different price.
  • Finally you can limit the time the price is active by changing the Start and End date.
  • Save the new price and repeat the above steps to create more prices for different units or time ranges.

When you enter a subscription the invoice period is determined from the subscription type you have selected. The subscription line price is automatically retrieved from the item prices data based on the selected item and the invoice period. In the subscription lines we only allow items that have a price for the invoice period. So if you have selected an item that has no price for the subscription invoice period you will see that the unit price in the subscription remains zero. The subscription cannot be saved when the subscription lines contain items with no defined prices.

I explained setting up multiple prices for an item in the context of the subscription module, however if you have the Invoice or a Logistics module this functionality is also available to you. In case you have any remarks please leave a comment.

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