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Get set, Ready…GO!

Written by Marco Kastrop on . Posted in Exact Online

In June 2010 we have announced the availability of logistic functionality in controlled release for Exact Online.  In this period customers can get acquainted with the functionality and provide us useful feedback during visits, round table sessions or via support.

One of the things that we have learned from the feedback is about the ‘Getting started’-process. How to get started once you have extended your license with new functionality? Is new data required to get started? What is the basic process flow of the new functionality? Over the last months we therefore have researched of how we can better facilitate your first experience with the (new) functionality.

The direction of the new Getting started experience has been in the hands of our user experience team. A team dedicated to studying, analyzing, implementing concepts whereby the user takes the central position. Per functional area we have there fore defined a getting started page that will allow you to navigate throught the main steps of a process flow. We are still fine tuning the pages and are currently evaluating the usability of the pages with users, but I would like to show you an example of the purchase process flow that is displayed on the getting started page of logistics:

Click on the image to show full size

As you can see, you can (hopefully) recognize the basic steps in a logistics purchase process. The flow is interactive, when hovering over the flow you will be able to start the selected process or find help documentation related to selected topic.

Next to the process flow and the main settings required to start with basic process of the respective functionality, you also have direct access to other main sources of help (like e.g. our help start page or other related information).

I hope that with this guided start, you will have a great experience working with our software.

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