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Subscriptions – what is there still to do?

Written by Lucie van Velze on . Posted in Exact Online

Subscription ‘to do’s’ will become soon available in the cockpit. To do’s in the cockpit remind the user of any tasks that still need to be completed; as an information source it can become a handy starting point for daily work.

The new subscription functionality recognizes two main processes that generate work that needs to be handled – subscriptions that need to be billed and subscriptions that need to be renewed manually.

The “to do’s” show the user the total number of subscriptions that need to be processed. The first ‘To do’ count involves invoices that can be generated, while the second shows subscriptions that are due for renewal. The Date used for counting the subscriptions ready for processing is retrieved from the subscription settings. These are ‘Number of days (Invoicing)’ and ‘Number of days (Renewal)’. The number of days defines the date checked when counting – ‘Invoiced up to and including’ to know those that can be invoiced, and subscription ‘End date’ to know those that can be renewed.  When you click the phrase , it will automatically lead you to the page with the relevant functionality.

Reminding the user of what needs to be done will significantly ease the challenge of keeping up to date with subscriptions requiring attention. With this in mind, imagine if all to do’s in Exact Online were instantly visible when using the cockpits! Well, happily that’s not far away. Besides new to do’s, ‘alerts’ will also signal the user regarding specific cases that need attention. The new styled cockpits were introduced in the blog New year! A nice moment to give our cockpits a new facelift! by Ilja Udo and will be released soon.

To give the user more insight into their numbers, a graph is displayed in the cockpit with all newly started and canceled subscriptions over a specific period defined by the user. Keeping an eye on the in/outflow of subscriptions will give the user a useful indicator of how well the company is doing. It allows action to be taken in time, indicating clearly when more emphasis needs to be placed on generating new subscriptions.

To learn more about this and the rest of the subscription functionality please be sure to read the recent blog posts A new member for the Exact Online family by Robert Huberts; Subscriptions, a first glance. by Emiel Romein.

If you have further suggestions on information, to do’s or alerts to show in cockpits that make your daily work easier please do let us know!

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