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Saving time: Managing Reintegration

Written by Robin den Buurman on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Nowadays the employer is more and more involved in the recovery of his employees during a period of sickness. He should be because it affects both the organization as well as the employee and when handled with care an organization can greatly benefit from the early return to work of an employee. An employee on the other hand can benefit from the expertise and resources of an organization for his or her fast recovery with limited financial and personal impact.

After an extended period of absence, the employee can start a reintegration process, in which he or she can work part-time. In order to keep a detailed overview of the working hours during this reintegration process, it is necessary to register the partial absence. As of product update 245 Exact Synergy Enterprise facilitates the registration of illness related events and the return to work process even better.

Suzie, Project Manager at DeltaBike

Imagine Suzie, a hard working project manager for the company DeltaBike. In the last couple of months she developed a burnout related illness and medics have recommended here to take at least 4 weeks of absolute rest (so no working for her). After this period Suzie felt a lot better and more relaxed and decided to go to work again, however she is recommended to start easy and in mutual agreement with het manager at DeltaBike she starts working again for 50% of her normal working schedule. After 2 days of working part time, Suzie just couldn’t concentrate anymore on her job and decided, together with her manager, that Suzie will recover the fastest possible way by working only 25% of her pre illness schedule first. After a two week period Suzie recovers fast and starts to work 75%. After working one week for 75% she is fully recovered and has plenty of energy again to perform her job as before.

 This decisions made in this scenario will affect DeltaBike’s illness related absence figures and depending on the country she is working in might require additional paper work to be sent to insurance and governmental agencies. In many countries exist legislation around registration of illness related absence and insurance companies might ask an employer for the complete history surrounding the events.

What Exact offers in Product Update 245

In order to meet your requirements for a solid administration, correct absence figures and managing the reintegration processes within your organization, Exact offers you the partial absence registration feature. With the new Return to Work request you can easily register partial absence of the employees and provide the complete absence history. Absence figures are automatically calculated according to illness percentage and work schedule of the employee also taking into account public holidays.

Every time Suzie has a change in her working hours, her manager or the HR manager just creates a new Return to Work request using the button in the original Sick report. The transactions will be recorded under the same sick report binding them to the same event. In case Suzie is fully recovered a return to work request should be entered for 100%. The system will immediately ask the user if the sick report should be moved to the next workflow phase. If, for any reason, Suzie becomes sick again with the same symptoms the manager or HR manager can easily reopen the sick report and continue the registration. Watch the video here!

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Photo Source: Doug Kanter for The New York Times

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  • Christian


    Feedback; i also want to see this correctly in the planning of the employee.
    If someone is 50% working i want to see 50% blocked in his planning for that period. The other 50% he should be available according to his planning.


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