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Product update 245 Exact Synergy Enterprise is in controlled release

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy


As of today, product update 245 is in controlled release. The handover from product development to product management took place in Kuala Lumpur/Delft yesterday. This new product update is planned to be generally available early February 2011.

The highlights of the new update are:  

For a full overview of all new functionality, please refer to the release notes for product update 245 as well as several articles on this product blog. More videos are being prepared and will be announced via this product blog as well.

Important to note is that as an enhancement to the new role-based license model, introduced in product update 244, the CRM and ESS role are now fully split. So a user with only CRM role will not automatically get ESS role functionality as well. More information on the roles and their behavior can be found here.

For more information on this announcement, please contact Ronald Voets.

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  • Brad Boston


    Ronald, Good to see the improvements! Keep ’em coming 🙂
    BTW, the link in the release notes to the Outlook integration requires an employee login and is not available to resellers (and I’m assuming customers).
    Regards, Brad


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