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New year! A nice moment to give our cockpits a new facelift!

Written by Ilja Udo on . Posted in Exact Online

A whole range of new solutions was developed and introduced across Exact Online  in 2010. Per function group Exact Online offers a cockpit. As the new solutions were added, more cockpits became available. In order to show consistency and clarity throughout the product, we decided to initiate a project to align them and ensure they all carry the same look and feel. As such we’ve been busy giving them a facelift in time for the new release. I’d like to share some of our changes with you here.

A cockpit is designed with multiple goals in mind:
• to give quick access to main processes;
• to give the user insight into the daily progress of work;
• to keep the user up-to-date – the user is alerted to news or other new entered data;
• to remind the user of things that need to be done;
• to  present management with periodic numbers of performance. 

To further support the aforementioned principles the improved cockpits should all: 

  1. Apply the same structure;
  2. Follow the same alignment.


Each cockpit has thus been designed with the following structure: 


The Entry section offers you shortcuts to the most used functions: 


The above financial Entry section allows you to quickly enter various journal entries – easy access to your main processes. 

Completed entries must then be followed up. The To Do section shows all occurring To Do’s and Alerts.  

To do’s show what needs to be followed up. Everything awaiting manual action (by the user) anywhere in the process should be shown here.
Alerts are signals you want to present to the user. Signals do not require immediate action. They can function as reminder that something is on hold or is waiting for action from a 3rd party. The To Do section, in addition to keeping you up to date and well informed, gives you starting points for your daily work.  

The results of completed work are expressed on the right side of a cockpit.
The Summary section shows totalized numbers of executed processes. 


The above figure shows what has been created at the purchase department during the last seven days – important information necessary for maintaining insight into ongoing work activities. 

So called Lists complement the overview of the current state of affairs. Here a relevant top X list is shown. You can think of the top 5 best selling customers or the top 10 of items that represent the highest purchase volumes. A list of accounts split up per type is also possible. 


The middle section of a cockpit is used to express key decision information in graphical format. The graphs don’t just show totalized numbers but can also be used to compare data – offering support to users when analysing their figures. 


The above graph compares the different sales stadia – a clear and concise way to present empowering performance data.


Per report type we implemented the same style and we gave the cockpits the same look-and-feel. 

The goal of the facelift is to enhance the readability and usefulness of each cockpit. To stay in line with the structure a new report occasionally had to be created. We hope that the new set up and the currently offered reports provide the daily information you need to empower and facilitate you in your work. In case you have any further suggestions, please let us now!

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