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How do you enter your Payroll in Belgium?

Written by Philippe Robert on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Online

In Exact Online we have a module for the payroll calculation of your employees for different activity sectors. However, this module is currently only available for The Netherlands legislation. What about Payroll in Belgium?

In Belgium there are around 50 certified Payroll companies (like Partena, Securex, SDworx,  …) that will calculate your payroll for you. They also provide a lot of extra services regarding employee legislation. In Belgium this can be so complex, and change so many times during the year, that almost all companies let a specialized company handle the payroll related activities.

For this reason, we are not going to create a payroll module specific to Belgium. None the less, you need to book the payroll entries in your financial administration in order to pay your employees and calculate the correct figures for your employee’s costs.

You probably book these entries manually in Exact Online or Exact Globe. Retype this information by hand takes time and is prone to errors. That’s why we are looking into a way to import them automatically from your social secretariat (Payroll Company). Before we start with this project, I would like to get your feedback on this topic – particularly regarding the following questions:
  • What is the name of your social secretariat (payroll company)?
  • What kind of entry process would you like to have?
  • Do you execute the payment of your employees yourself or does the social secretariat this for you?
    • 1 summary entry with 1 line per GL account
    • Details per cost center (department)
    • Details per employee
Please let me know your thoughts as a comment to this post or send me a mail.
Thank you in advance.

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