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Exact Globe and SaaS?

Written by Bert Siekmann on . Posted in Exact Globe

Today there are many different definitions in circulation of business software that you can consume via the internet; ‘cloud computing’, ‘SaaS’ (Software as a Service)’, ‘online’, ‘ASP’, etc.. Very confusing. Here we are as a software industry to blame. With the aim to distinguish ourselves, we rapidly introduced new terms for the same phenomenon, perhaps not technologically the same, but in the eyes of the customers they’re identical…, namely the provision of business software over the internet. Let us speak for ease of reading of SaaS.

Initially all these terms referred to the variants of technology through which business software could be made available, the internet. At a later stage, when the software technology really could be consumed ‘as a service’, as we have been accustomed to such as Hotmail, multiple companies could simultaneously make use of the same facilities (“multi-tenant”), so economies of scale were applicable for both the software industry and our customers. Thus the term Software as a Service is born. This term is now the standard for all business software solutions that can be accessed via the internet and for which you pay a monthly fee.
The blur caused by the introduction of the above terms is due to the me-too behavior within the software industry (‘who doesn’t do SaaS, is not part of the group’), but is also related to the fact that at last the conviction seems to emerge that technology is not leading, but the solutions one can create with technology and the extent to which these solutions fit the needs of the market. And SaaS is a very interesting phenomenon. With the SaaS model, you have the technical management taken care of, business information is available independent of place and time, you are quickly up and running and with a subscription structure there is a periodic, staggered payment for use.
And what does SaaS mean for Exact Globe? Of course you can use Exact Globe both implemented locally as well as via the internet. But in addition we offer various services in Exact Globe for which you only need an internet connection. You will not notice the difference, that speaks for itself. But the big advantage is that we can quickly and easily enrich Exact Globe with valuable features that can make your life easier as an entrepreneur. Thus we introduce in early 2011 as the first in the Netherlands, Rabobank Online. This service, which in the background uses our technology platform Exact Online, provides automatic exchange of payment instructions and statements with Rabobank. Soon the ABN AMRO and ING will follow!
With electronic invoicing, a service that the government explicitly sponsors, we offer a similar service. Electronic invoicing is more than an invoice in PDF format. By using a post office box and unique addresses you will be able to fully digitally automated exchange invoices with customers and suppliers via the internet, including the journal entry in your administration. With the prospective interface with Digipoort Exact is the leader also in this field. And this service also uses our technology platform Exact Online in the background. Your mailbox ‘hangs’ in the internet and there you can manage your settings for exchanging invoice information!
In the near future you can expect multiple developments that will introduce SaaS in an even more tangible and value-added way. On you the noble task of telling us the solutions we should build; on us which technology to use to provide you with convenience and future proof solutions.

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  • Christian


    Is there any planning in which release Rabobank Online will be introduced in Exact Globe?


  • Bert Siekmann


    Christian, Rabobank Online is planned to be available in product update 400 as per Q1 2011.


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