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Working with Layouts: Help, my fields are not aligned!

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Online

Optimizing layouts for your business can be a tedious task, who does not recognize this? That is, it is tedious unless you know a little more about the layout editor. Based on customer feedback through our support department and observing customers in our invoice training sessions, I identified one of the most valuable tips for all users out there tweaking layouts.

Layouts are used in for example invoicing and sending reminders. In the layout editor you can customize each layout to make sure it represents your business properly. Think of putting in your own logo, changing text style, removing and adding fields and moving fields around.

So, one of the best tips I can give is on how to make sure that fields are aligned properly. Back then in the customer invoice training it was one of the biggest eye-openers.

Let me first share an important principle with you when aligning fields. Aligning fields is done by using buttons that only appear after you’ve actually selected more than one field. Selecting fields can be done by dragging a selection box around your fields with your mouse.

In this example, we want to add the discount percentage field to the lines block. First make sure you select the lines block, click the Fields button that just appeared,  select the discount percentage field form the list and click Add.

Drag the discount percentage field to the position you like. As you can see the field is not aligned properly at all. You could use the arrow keys to push the field around, however when actually printing it might not look too well. Say we want to align our new field with its field directly above. First select our new field and the field directly above by dragging a selection box that touches the two fields (see the orange box in the picture below). It is not necessary to fully envelop the fields.

The last step is to click the Align: Right button, this will make the two fields right aligned. For best results also use the Justify: Right button on both fields since we’ve aligned on the right side, just click it while both fields are still selected.

Also, you can align our new field with its field directly left of it by selecting only these two fields and using the Make: Height button to make them the same height and finally using the Align: Bottom button. The end result should be a properly aligned field.

I hope this will help in spending less time and achieving better looking results. Please do let me know your feedback and also any other issue you’re struggling with, in working with layouts.

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