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Track communications via Activity feeds

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy


Maybe you have noticed in the screenshots at my previous blog that an Activity tab is introduced in the preview version of the new design of Synergy Enterprise. The Activity tab is available on the Account and Project cards. This tab shows the most recent activity taking place to the customer or project.

The activity page presents a mixture of documents, requests and tasks, ordered by modified date. Any activity that takes place will be displayed in a separate text balloon. The main document or request shows you details like:

  • a picture of the person who took action (if available in Synergy);
  • the person’s name;
  • which action she or he took;
  • at what date;
  • the subject.

Activities related to a main document or request are grouped. This means that if after a certain period the status change, the main document including related actions will automatically move to the top. You can easily navigate to the original document or request by clicking on the title in the text balloon. It will automatically open the related document or request, where additional information is available such as remarks.

Next to the Activity tab, we also offer a Documents and a Requests tab. At these two tabs you will get a list of Documents or Requests, ordered by modified date. With this functionality we offer you multiple ways to quickly be informed of all activities around your customers or within your project.

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