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Rafiki’s Corner: It is what you DON’t know that is important!

Written by Sander van Triet on . Posted in Exact Event Manager

We always seem to have a tendency in both life and business, to focus our energy on what has happened, with the promise to learn from those results, good, bad or indifferent. We then spend inordinate time evaluating what happened with the hope of replicating success or not repeating mistakes. Whilst that may sound promising and potentially drive long term results, what about the ability to drive short term results with high reward? That is something that gets my attention! How about you?

I briefly touched on this topic in my first Blog post, but I would like to explore this topic in a more detailed fashion here, as we gain ground to the release of the new Exact Event Manager 1.5.

Non-Event Management – The Swan amongst the ducks.

An ERP database is full of statically rich data that holds key points of interest for any organization, no matter the industry. We write reports to extract all kinds of information so that we gain insight into the current and past health of the business as a whole. Reports such as Accounts Receivable Aging Reports, Daily Sales Order listings, Trial Balances are plentiful within a varied and extensive customer base. These reports focus on what IS IN the database and then present the data in a meaningful and professional fashion. These reports work well and serve their purpose without question. However, there is one flaw in totally relying on this approach. What about data that a report cannot “see”? A report does not tell you what is NOT in the database or what did not happen, as it does not know about an implied business rule.  This is only accomplished through interpretation.

This is where Exact Event Manager really, really comes to the fore as a real benefit to ANY organization. The technology becomes the proverbial swan amongst the ducks of a database and the key to finding holes that can be plugged immediately, driving short term gains and wins.

So, what do I really mean when I talk about Non-Event mumbo jumbo? To answer this, here are some real life examples.

Looking for revenue opportunities?

We seem all too inclined to celebrate the success of a big sales order, and then report on it at some later time in a sales flash report. Great! Success is important to celebrate, but that specific order is done and gone. What about the next big sales order and where will it come from? What if you were able to uncover all those customers who have deviated from their normal buying patterns from the past? What would you think if you were alerted to ALL customers that had NOT purchased anything from you in the last 60 days? At the same time, what if you never had to remember to go and extract this information? Yup, let technology actually do some work for YOU for a change!

Deployment of Exact Event Manager will provide you with the ability to define this very business rule. It is a matter of configuring the system to query your primary ERP database where static sales information is stored, and have it look for all customers that have NOT had any activity in the past 60 days (or whatever number floats your boat). Then have Exact Event Manager drive those results out in the form of a Synergy Enterprise Workflow Request and / or an email to those responsible. Now, set this up to occur every on the 15th day of every month. Save the Event and off you go and get on with business. You now have a mechanism to uncover opportunities where you have had a relationship with a customer and can now identify any opportunity to better understand their change in buying behavior! You potentially have an immediate influence on the next big sale!

Meeting customer expectations – Do you really have enough inventory?

We all know that the customer is the very center of our universe. Making sure we can meet our commitments and promises to them becomes paramount as we stave off the competition. Every ERP database that I know stores information on inventory quantities and safety stock levels. Managing these safety stock levels is not something that is easy and simple to do. Balancing out these levels with the right stock levels and cash flow become a serious balancing act. Additionally, once inventory levels reach the safety stock threshold, it is normally too late. So what we end up doing  is we bump up those safety stock levels and then hold more inventory. This can be costly.

What if you were able to receive notification, automatically, of inventory that is within 15% of the safety stock level? In other words, catch the issue before it becomes an issue. This means you can then employ a manual inspection of inventory, determine what the real needs may be based on seasonality etc, and adjust if necessary. Would that not have value in ANY inventory centric, make-to-stock, assemble-to-order business? Even a distributor benefits from this need.

The solution to this problem is within your grasp! Configure an alert to monitor your inventory safety stock levels, and look for those that are within 15% of the defined safety stock. When this does occur, dispatch an email to the inventory manager, automatically, with the details. In this case, configure this event to run daily, due to the nature of your business. Fire and forget!

These two examples are a subset of many industry proven uses. They have intrinsic value to any organization, no matter the industry. They are topics we can all relate to and I am sure strike a nerve with some people. These are just two of the examples of the capabilities of Exact Event Manager, where true value is simple an event away.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me! (matthew.bather@exact.com)

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