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Rafiki’s Corner: Exact Event Manager – Not Your Grandfather’s Wedding Planner!

Written by Sander van Triet on . Posted in Exact Event Manager

It is 2pm, Tuesday, and you have just started your presentation of Exact’s solution to a well profiled prospect. All is going well, as you succinctly address probing questions from various members of the evaluation committee. Out of the blue, a question is asked that ignites a spark inside you, as you know that only Exact has the right solution for the question posed. You respond to the CFO’s question “YES Sir, Absolutely! Exact has the ideal solution for your quandary. Our new Event Manager can provide you with the desired results!” You sit back, thinking that this is going better than expected. Glancing back at the CFO, you see a look of confusion and concern on his face. He pipes up “Son, we are looking for a computerized business solution, not a company that plans our social events!”.

Whilst this may seem somewhat fictitious, this has in fact, happened to me! So why do I bring this up you may ask yourself? Well it is simple…Exact continues to bring high value solutions to our prospects and customers alike, and this time in the form of Exact Event Manager. Many if you may have worked with this type of technology before. However, you now have the opportunity to work with an Exact designed and developed solution that provides significant value to our customers by unlocking hidden opportunities embedded within their ERP System databases, automatically. No, we do not plan weddings, but Exact Event Manager will provide the various users of the technology with more time, allowing them to plan any weddings they may involved in.

Over the past year, a group of highly skilled developers have worked very hard to bring to market a solution that focuses on Business Activity Monitoring (aka Event Management). The solution helps Exact provide customers with deeper insight into the overall performance of their business, without having to really lift a finger. It allows us to ask the customer “What if…..?”

What if……….
Your national sales manager was able to receive a listing of all Customers that have NOT purchased anything from you in the past 3 months. (whilst he was on the golf course), every Friday afternoon.

The inventory manager, in charge of everything inventory related, was alerted to inventory items that did NOT turn twice in the last 30 days.

These two scenarios, when solved, have such intrinsic value to ANY business. Now, what if these two problems could be solved for around $200 each? Now, there is some real value. The inventory manager is now able to spend the evening with friends over Flaamse Frites and Glühwein, instead of having to manually extract the data and create a report each week. Not only is the value business related, but also to be found on the personal front, as a net result of our new technology.

Exact Event Manager 1.2 is currently available for customers in the USA and Canada, and soon around the world. This browser based solution, built with the latest Microsoft technologies, addresses many of the challenges that our customers face today, no matter their industry segment or geography.

Over the next few months, you will see a great deal of information being posted on Exact Event Manager. I will be running regular Product Blogs on details of Exact Event Manager, so that you are better placed to ensure customers understand the huge benefit of the solution. This is an exciting time to showcase a new solution, written from the ground up, with the latest technology by Exact employees. If, over the course of time, you need to find out more, please feel free to contact me, Rafiki (Matthew Bather), and I will do what I can to answer your questions. Till next week…….

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Comments (5)

  • Curious


    Hi Matthew,

    I would be grateful if you could confirm as to whether these latest enhancements in EEM incorporate the ability to:

    1. Execute tasks based on triggers ensuring the timely dissemination of real-time information, as opposed to what can often be out-of-date information delivered via a scheduler?

    2. The ability to output e-mails / alerts in HTML format ensuring professional presentation of the information being delivered??



  • matthewbather


    Hi there.

    1. Not at this time. The design is a table scan design that fires a query based on a schedule.
    2. This is possible, without having to make use of HTML, as we have incorporated a full Rich text Editor for email creation that provides for professional presentation without having to make use of HTML.




  • Martijn Logtenberg


    Quering the database on a schedule, will be suficiënt in many cases, but real time triggering to quarantee for instance quality of data entry (not part of application logic), can add great value.

    is this on the roadmap for the (near) future?


  • matthewbather


    Hi Martijn,

    We have near real-time alerts on the backlog of enhancements to evaluate. One needs to remember that Exact Event Manager is built as a tool to unlock business related issues within a data source, and not as a data validation tool. the validation of data should be carried out by the “host” solution that is in fact allowing the data to be created. the last thing we want to do is to step away from the true purpose and meaning of a solution.



  • Exact User


    Hi Matthew

    In reply to your comment that the host solution should validate the data, this can only be achieved if the host solution is flexible enough to ensure that manditory fields are correctly entered. What I mean by this is that in Exact Globe I want my staff to fill in the Marketing Data with the correct information about the customer. I have to validate the data as too often the user is not prompted that certain fields need to be filled in. If more data fields in Exact Globe we allowed to be made manditory or like free fields have the ability to suggest data then your products like EEM or Orbis would not be needed for data validation…


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