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Put your computer at work

Written by Marco Kastrop on . Posted in Exact Online

The Exact Online wholesale solution is in pilot for some months. Our customers (and trial users) can experience to work with the software free of charge for as long as the product remains in pilot. The good thing from our point of view as a solution team is that we get feedback on our product and can already make enhancements or plan desired new functionality. One of these new functionalities is the ability to generate purchase orders by supplier based on the physical stock in the warehouse and the purchase reorder level set per item.

I will give you a quick summary of this new functionality. To get quickly started, you have to set the desired stock reorder level per item. This can be done with a item batch update function. Items with a similar margin and turnover ratio can be grouped together and updated in one go:

If you then navigate to the overview of supplier’s items, you will find all your items listed that you can order at your selected supplier. With smart filtering, you can narrow down the selection to show only items that meet the criteria that current stock level is below the predefined reorder level.

After item selection, you can generate a purchase order advice with quantities up to the maximum stock levels that you can define in the batch update function.

The nice thing about the supplier’s purchase advice is that it also comes with an alert. From the ‘To Do’-list on your cockpit, system will indicate the number of items to be replenished based on the predefined stock levels.

Automatic purchase order advices will limit the risk of lost sales and will make sure you can provide the desired service level to your customers.

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