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Pro’s and cons of the new Exact Online menu system

Written by Edgar Wieringa on . Posted in Exact Online

For some time now Exact Online has offered an alternative navigation structure to the standard ‘panel menu’ – the so called ‘tab menu’. The tab menu was introduced to make Exact Online more easily accessible and help simplify your lives.

We have recently been testing this new menu with a range of new and existing users. One of our team members went to visit customers with a bunch of research questions and a video camera. We then watched and listened carefully to see whether our intentions for the new system had been realized.

The video did provide us with some really useful insight. Sadly part of this was the realization that we hadn’t yet managed to reach all the goals we set for ourselves. Following the new information we received, we set to work again to try and remedy the issues raised by the users we studied. The results of this have been available since yesterday – the newly updated tab menu. Improvements include increased contrast in the tabs and more options made directly available within the tabs themselves.

With the original introduction now done some time ago and the addition of the latest refinements based on our research, we also wanted to offer the menu directly to all new users. As we believe it encourages more effective use of the product, new people joining us will now see the tab menu when they start using Exact Online.

Unfortunately, there has also been a downside to this. Due to unforeseen circumstances we didn’t only offer it to our new users, but also to some of our existing customers as well. They unexpectedly saw the menu change, from the panel to the new tab style without warning. This was clearly not our intention and I would like to apologize sincerely here for this mistake. We solved it within a couple of hours but undoubtedly still caused annoyance and maybe even irritation. As such, we’re working hard again on a new structural solution to support offering the tab menu as standard to people joining the product.

For those of you who inadvertently discovered they preferred the new menu over the panel style, you can still choose to use it by adjusting your user settings.

For the image the credits go to HipChicklette (Jen), taken from flickr.

Edgar Wieringa

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Comments (3)

  • Edgar Wieringa


    A small update, today we also solved the structural issue. New users will now be using the tab menu as their default menu.


  • Olivier


    Sorry but your import is very very painful, I am fedup with it!!
    It works yesterday and today with the same process, it doesn’t…

    Hope this will be more stable, i am loosing so many hours , days with your tool


  • Edgar Wieringa



    I feel sorry to read your remark, it sounds you are in a very annoying situation. I have already contacted my colleagues at our Belgium team to contact you at short notice. Thanks for raising your concern, we will work on solving it.



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