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Pivots and points

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

There are many ways to retrieve information from Synergy Enterprise, especially if you are interested in an overview of the big picture. Running reports via the integration with MS Reporting Services is our latest addition, but there is a lot you can achieve with the built-in pivots as well.

Are you a financial controller who needs to see up-to-date information on costs and revenues?
A human resources manager looking for an overview of all open vacancies? Or a marketing manager checking all active leads for the campaigns you are running?

The latest Exademy video will show you how each of these people can use pivots to find the information he or she is after, and, as usual, even more.

Take a look the video, and let us know how you use pivots in your everyday work with Synergy Enterprise. Share your tip in the comments!

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