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Exact System Information improvement report extended with a SQL upgrade advice.

Written by André van de Graaf on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

As of today, The Exact System Information Improvement report is extended with a SQL upgrade advice to SQL Server 2008 R2. The Exact System Information tool will make a SQL upgrade advice based on your current SQL Server license. This is especially interesting for customers who are currently using SQL 2000. In the past Exact was not a reseller of SQL Server, so you need to buy a full license of SQL Server somewhere else. As of SQL 2005,  Exact is selling so-called Runtime licenses of SQL Server. These licenses only allow the use of SQL Server in combination with Exact Software’s products. Runtime licenses are much cheaper in comparison with a full license of SQL Server. A Runtime license embed the complete SQL Server code.
Reasons to upgrade if you are running on SQL Server 2000:

  • Reduce the size of your backup up to 60% with SQL backup compression.
  • Improve the overall performance and reduce index storage and maintenance costs by implementing filtered indexes.
  • 64 bits support.
  • Windows update integration: SQL Service packs are shipped with Windows update.
  • Free license to use SQL Server Reporting Service on the same server as the SQL Server.
  • Make use of Tablix, Charts, Gauge data regions, Maps, Spark Lines, Indicators and Databars in SQL Reporting Services.
  • After upgrading your SQL Server, we are able to analyze and optimize your index structure to improve the overall performance. The analyze will be done everytime you start the Exact System Information tool (ESI).
  • Use the SQL Server value calculator to make an estimate on your savings based on your use of SQL Server.

In the improvement report you will find some links to additional imformation about these upgrade suggestions. To receive a quotation for a SQL license you only need to press on the link in the report. You can also contact your local Exact office or your reseller.

To receive the SQL upgrade advice you need to

  1. Download the ExactSysInfo.zip and start the Exact SysInfo.exe 
  2. Request an improvement report
  3. Specify your email adress in the first screen of the Exact System Information tool.

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