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Exact Globe tip: financial pivot analysis

Written by Michiel van Rooijen on . Posted in Exact Globe

Getting the right data from your system can be a challenge when just using standard reports. Every company and persons within that company have different needs for data analysis compared to other companies and persons. That’s why in globe there is a very usefull tool: the financial pivot analyis.

A financial pivot analysis is an interactive analysis summary, which enables you to visualize the actual financial information rapidly and effectively. You can present the data of your choice in the exact way you want, with several options for grouping and specifying the requested information. In addition to visualizing the data of a single administration, the function also allows you to compare financial details between different administrations. Based on these comparisons, you can generate an analysis report according to your preferences.

In this movie you will see how you can use this powerful tool.

We hope you enjoy this Globe tip.  Stay tuned because there are more in the works which will be available shortly.

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