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Your personal time machine. This time in Synergy Enterprise only

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Have you ever tried looking for a document in Synergy Enterprise that you remember you read last Thursday, but don’t really remember its title anymore? Search cannot help you, because there is nothing to be searched: no number, no title, no keywords.

But there is hope, of course!

Whenever you view a document, a request, or a project, Synergy Enterprise puts its name on a special history list. The names are kept on this list long enough for you to forget about them, but not for Synergy Enterprise.

Hence, you can travel back in time to yesterday or to Thursday previous week or to any other day far away in the past and find exactly the document you read by scanning the list of names.

There is more than that. Not only documents, requests and projects are kept in Synergy Enterprise history, but also accounts, items and people, whose cards you viewed.

Watch the new Exademy tips & tricks video to learn how to make the most out of history today.

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