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Ya ken wha’ I mean hen!

Written by Adeel Ahmed on . Posted in Exact Online

Here’s some information that might surprise you – my native Glasgow English dialect and Dutch share some common language!

One such word is ken (Dutch: Kennen). As well as being used in the conventional way of knowing someone or thing, it is often used to get a confirmation from the other person. It’s a way of checking that you’re both on the same wave length and that he or she (in the case of the title) understands your reasoning and can relate to your situation.

And when you ken, you can. We’re trying to help our users ‘ken’ meer (another word we have in common!), enabling you to do more quickly and easily.

A few weeks ago I mentioned how we were redesigning the help files to make them more task orientated and answer the most common questions posed.  The process of updating all the help files is now in full swing,  beginning with those that are the most commonly used and queried.

We’ve already updated the top two: Creating a bank entry and Creating/Maintaining a journal. They’re available in English and will also be in Dutch within the next few days. Over the next few weeks you will see the process continuing. Here is a list of some of the most important files you can expect to see being expanded:

  • Creating an account
  • Importing a bank file
  • Purchase journal
  • General journal
  • Customize/create a journal
  • Enter an invoice
  • Import and export in Exact online
  • Maintain/create a g/l account
  • Sales journal
  • Request the g/l account card
  • Change the administration settings
  • The payment/collection advice list
  • Statements: to be completed
  • General  selection/customize screen master data

If there are any help files you would like us to prioritize in addition to these then please feel free to let us know. After all, the more we ken about what you need, the more we can help you!

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  • Aimee


    Ha ha you sound just like my mother-in-law! Good luck with this project and keep up the good work Adeel!


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