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Tip: Directly process journal entries in Exact Online

Written by Emiel Romein on . Posted in Exact Online

Creating and processing journal entries are by default separate activities in Exact Online. This means that after creating your entries, you need to close the journal, open the entries page, select the journal you just used and press the process button.

This works just fine, but it is possible to directly process the entries by simply pressing a »Process« button in the journal itself. ‘What process button?’ I hear you cry, ‘I don’t have that in my journal pages!’ That may well be true. If it is, what magic is needed to add it as seen below?

Well, actually no magic is necessary at all! Just open the journal and click the »Customize« button in the top right corner of the entry page.

A new window opens with the journal page settings. Check the »Button: Process« checkbox and click the »Save« button.

And voila! The process button appears in the top of the page. So now you can just make entries in your journal and process them immediately within the same screen. No need to even press the save button anymore.


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