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Make each page your own!

Written by Richard Francis on . Posted in Exact Online

When I have the opportunity to interact with the users of Exact Online, I’m frequently surprised by how little use some people make of the customize facility present in most screens. It’s more than just useful – it is one of the keys to you getting the most possible from the product.

Let’s have a look at an example to highlight the flexibility the customize functionality can offer.

Some of the most important aspects of any administration are the customer and supplier accounts. The individual accounts are selected via the Overview: Accounts page. This can be customized to make your searching easier.

It could be that the default overview doesn’t actually suit your needs that well.


Perhaps the information there isn’t really necessary for you to make a selection. Maybe you just want to have the simplest screen possible.

Let’s say that all we want to see is the name of the company and its code. Removing the other columns is quick and simple.

Start by clicking the paintbrush customize link in the upper right corner. You enter the customize page.


Simply highlight the column header you want to remove by clicking on it, and click the remove column button above. You’ll notice that more buttons on the control bar also make it easy to change the order, resize or add spaces in between your columns.

Having got rid of the columns you don’t want, you’re left with a much simpler overview.


However, if you then decide that an extra column might be useful after all, it’s just as easy to add them bank in.


Just drag and drop the column header you’d like to add to the position where you would like to see it. It’s that easy! Click save to return to the overview with your new column included.


The customize function is available in a huge range of pages within Exact Online and works on the same basic principles in each place. Have a play around to make sure all your screens present their information in the best way possible!

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