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Know your boundaries!

Written by Martin Ortgiess on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Synergy has a role-based security model. This means that you can assign one or more roles to a user and link function rights to these roles.

There are standard roles, which are delivered by Exact, and you can define your own roles. Either way these roles will define the rights a user has in Synergy. So, roles are important, but even more important are the Function rights tied to these roles; these are the ones that actually define the activities the user can do.

Thus, Function rights define the additional rights a user has in Synergy. With over 570 Function rights in Synergy you need to know what additional rights a user will get, before you start to use it.

For every individual Function right we have an overview page that gives you the details you need; what is the menu path, what are the actions, which screens are targeted and in which roles are they used.

Go to ‘System–>Setup–>Security–>Function rights’ to have an overview of all the Function rights in Synergy.  When you want to view the Function rights per role, you can go to ‘System–>Setup–>Security–> Roles’. Open the role and you will see the function rights attached to this role.

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  • Bert Zweers



    as mentioned, this is great functionality, BUT. I just created a role 1007, and 1006 etc. And at this moment, in release 244, there are already Function Rights attached to the role. For role 1007 this is FR147: Maintain resource card. If you are not paying attention to this, this can cause troubles with authentication!

    But, I think customers and resellers are very happy with the information on function rights.

    Kind regards,


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