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Getting attached to requests (in Synergy Enterprise)

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

If you have been using Synergy Enterprise for a while, then you know already how to attach all kinds of Word, Excel and PDF files to documents. Still, sometimes, when you need to share a file with a colleague quickly, you first have to create a document, then attach a file to it, then create a request, link your document and only then send it to the colleague. That can get too time-consuming.

Now, here is another tip from Exademy: if you are running at least product update 242 of Synergy Enterprise you can attach files directly to your requests. You create a new request — an expense claim, a checked task to a manager, or any other one you can think of — and attach your files without creating an intermediate Synergy Enterprise document.

The video has all the details.

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  • Robert Klein


    I use this feature weekly, a great way to quickly attach docs, files, etc.


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