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Exact Globe tip: Interactive Balance

Written by Alexander Kutilov on . Posted in Exact Globe

In previous blogs we introduced series of new video’s: Exact Globe tips.

This product blog is explaining the existing functionality in order to make better use of our solutions. The quick Tip videos are aimed at existing Exact Globe users and each provide a quick tip which can help you to work more efficiently with the product.

There are many ways in the financial part of Exact Globe, how you can search, select and view the data of financial transactions. The Interactive Balance is one of the most famous reports that fully aimed on representing financial data. In interactive balance, you can view all General Ledger account balances in the balance sheet and profit & loss report. The interactive aspect of this overview means that you can retrieve more information about a particular general ledger account through the Balance list or General ledger Card.  You may inquire information based on vast variety of filters set for different analytical values. You may set the view based upon different layouts. You may define scaling criteria on how you want to group the data presented in the interactive balance: by Year, Quarter, Month or Period. You may require comparison criteria based on budgets or the results of previous years.  Most importantly, you may change the reporting criteria, filters, scales as well as layouts interactively while viewing the data. Printing options as well as the exporting of the reporting results to MS Excel are also available.

Watch this introduction movie to get some interesting tips of how you can use the Interactive Balance in your administration.

We hope you enjoy this Globe tip.  Stay tuned because there are more in the works which will be available shortly.

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