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E-WMS improves EAN128 bar code scanning

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe

Companies using different types of bar codes in their warehouse (for example ‘simple’ CODE39 for warehouse location or item bar codes, and EAN128 bar codes for serial/batch items) could encounter the problem that a non-EAN128 bar code would be treated and decoded as an EAN128 bar code. That would lead to undesired messages like ‘item not found’. This is because when scanning a bar code, the software could not tell the difference when scanning a CODE39 bar code or an EAN128 bar code.

Sample of a CODE39  bar code and an EAN128 bar code:



From product update 399, E-WMS will support ‘Bar Code Indentifier’. This is a setting on hand terminals whichs add an extra character as prefix to each scan, where a unique character will be put in for each type of bar code. For example, when scanning an EAN128 bar code, the scanner will put a “K” in front of the scanned text, where the character “B” would be added when scanning a CODE39 bar code. So now E-WMS knows when to start EAN128 decoding !

You can read more about Bar Code Indentifier in document E-WMS – Code Identifier.

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