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Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

We have got news for you, and the news today is about service management.

If you are a customer of Exact, and you are using the field service solution in Synergy ASP, you must have been wondering what awaits you in the future. If you are not yet a customer, and just shopping around, do read on, there might be something interesting for you as well.

We would like to announce that Exact has started working on a successor for the existing field service solution.

Now, we want to be very clear about the word successor from the beginning. We are checking which features of the existing field service solution should make it into the successor and which should be discarded, improved or redesigned from scratch. We are also open to cooperation with partners on integrating the new service management solution with their products to make it even a better fit. We are doing an immense amount of research and investigation.

But it is not about us. It is about you!

We do have strong opinions on what the new service management solution should be, but we want to deliver a solution that you, as a customer, will recognize as a solid fit for servicing the products you sell.

Therefore, now is a good time to ask you what you expect us to deliver.

In the course of this month, we will run a survey among companies that use our field service solution in Synergy ASP. This is a detailed, but important survey, so we will be very thankful if you find time to complete it. Based on what we have learned, we will continue with talking to the individual customers face to face about their needs and expectations.

What if you are not an Exact customer, but you are looking around for a good solution for service management? If you are under time pressure, you can use our existing solution in Synergy ASP. It is proven by the market and is deployed by numerous companies in wholesale trade and manufacturing pretty much everywhere in the world. If you are willing to wait and co-develop with us, please let us know.

In either case, if you have thoughts on what the ideal service management solution should be like, then this is your opportunity to voice them. Please take a look at the survey or send us an email to meet up and discuss.

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